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Fanny Rice is an artist based in Canada - Quebec.

Her work, with its fluid and textured movement, is the abstract imprint of the colorful landscapes she has experienced on her travels. Her work evokes the freedom and energy that flow when experiencing new and dramatic landscapes.  

Fanny’s signature style is immediately recognizable through textures, created by the layers and matte finishes that add three-dimensionality and richness to her work. Acrylic and other mixed media generate a palpable sense of fluidity in her artwork - making her creations both intriguing and mysterious. Rhythm directs her as she incorporates expressionistic brush work. She creates lines and shapes that get worked and reworked to eventually strike an elusive and powerful balance that she calls “surface tension.”

Custom painting

A vast majority of the artists creations stem from custom curated orders to best respond to the needs of collectors. The choice of colours, size and energy perceived from the painting are their choice, which ensures a piece of art truly destined for its space.

Submit your request below and it will be our pleasure to provide you with further details in order to reserve your place in the artists creation calendar.